Michiana Showcase 701

Michiana Showcase

Issue 703

Introducing the latest Michiana Showcase! Delivered monthly to 21 area ZIP codes and available at various local spots like grocery stores, convenience shops, and restaurants, our magazine connects with a broad audience. Through our Every Door Delivery System and Rack Delivery Service, we ensure widespread distribution, inviting more readers to explore the diverse content within. Discover the far-reaching impact of Michiana Showcase today!

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Michiana Showcase 701

Issue 702 ⋅ May 2024

Michiana Showcase 701

Issue 701 ⋅ April 2024

Michiana Showcase

Issue 612 ⋅ March 2024


“Michiana Showcase has brought a wealth of buyers to our auctions. We spend a hundred thousand dollars a year in advertising in various publications and Michiana Showcase reaches the most people for the best value of any publication we use!”

Loren Beachy

President, Bright Star Realty and Auctions, LLC

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